A 2day multidisciplinary stakeholders meeting to review the proposed mental health bill was organised by the Association of Psychiatrists in Nigeria (APN). Representatives of key Stakeholders (Professional Associations, NGOs and CDOs) which included Associations of Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatric Nurses, Medical Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Mind Trust, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists Association of Nigeria (ACAPAN), Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative, Mental Health Foundation of Nigeria, Mandate Health Empowerment Initiative CSOs and NGOs were present and contributed immensely. It’s a movement!, get ready to lend your voice and give your support to a proper law that protects the vulnerable amongst us. We fervently solicit the support of this group to accomplish this task. #ISupporttheNigeriaMentalHealthBill#
Taiwo Lateef Sheikh,

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